Q:  What is club/travel volleyball?

A:  Club/Travel volleyball is advanced training for athletes wanting to improve their skills and compete in tournaments.
Q:  Do I have to tryout?
A:  Yes, if you would like to be on a team that competes at tournaments.  No, if you would like to participate in Sunrise League or Rec League.
Q:  When are tryouts?
A:  Tryouts typically take place in October or November of each year.
Q:  How long is a club/travel volleyball season?
A:  Practices usually begin in December, and tournaments run through May or June.  Seasons for developmental teams typically run all year.
Q:  Can I take private lessons?  How much does it cost?
A:  Yes.  Many of our coaches are available for private lessons.  Private lessons cost $40 per hour.  You can contact a coach directly to schedule private lessons.
Q:  This is my first year playing.  What can I expect at a tournament?

A:   Read "Helpful Tournament Hints for New Volleyball Players" in our Parent/Player Handbook.